pm2 Clients are referenced by Drs. Kaplan and Norton and Hall of Fame winners

pm2’s clients have experienced dramatic improvements in all areas of the organization. Researchers, including Drs. Kaplan and Norton (the creators of the balanced scorecard), have indicated that we have added over $8 billion in shareholder valuation. Three of our clients have had such dramatic improvements that they have been inducted into the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame, established by Drs. Kaplan and Norton. In each of their last three best-selling books Drs. Kaplan and Norton have profiled at least one of our clients and their successes. Our client work is also profiled in their publications including The Balanced Scorecard Report and The Best of the Best.

pm2 brings global experience in all aspects of private and public sector organizations

pm2 has over 20 years of experience with thousands of organizations around the world. pm2 has worked with virtually every industry and every function. We have extensive experience in the public sector and not-for-profit organizations.

pm2 has experience with most scorecard applications

In addition to our experience as the co-founders of two of the first scorecard applications (Hyperion and pb views) we have supported the implementation of most applications and been involved in some of the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative certification process.


Technology Clients

Technology Clients

Retail Clients

Technology Clients

Public Sector Clients

Technology Clients

Manufacturing and Distribution Clients

Technology Clients

Health Care Clients

Technology Clients

Oil and Gas Clients

Technology Clients

Financial Services Clients

Technology Clients


Deep Experience

Industries Served

  • ♦ Construction
  • ♦ Finance
    •      Banking, Credit Unions, Investment Houses, Mortgage
  • ♦ Insurance
    •      Auto, Industrial, Life, P&C
  • ♦ Real Estate
    •     Development, Management
  • ♦ Manufacturing
    •     Airplanes, Cars, Computer & Electronics, Integrated Circuits, Food& Beverage, Furniture, Software, Steel
  • ♦ Mining
  • ♦ Public Administration
    •     City, Federal, Municipal, National, Regional, State
  • ♦ Public Utilities
  • ♦ Retail Trade
  • ♦ Services
    •      Call Centers, Consulting, Health & Hospitals, Law, Marketing
  • ♦ Transportation
    •     Airlines, Boat & Ferry, Car, Rail
  • ♦ Wholesale Trade
  • ♦ Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing

Functions Served

  • ♦ Call Center
    ♦ Customer Relationship Management
    ♦ Customer Service
    ♦ Financial (includes AP, AR etc.)
    ♦ Human Resources
    ♦ Insurance
    ♦ Inventory
    ♦ IT
    ♦ Labor Relations
    ♦ Legal
    ♦ Licenses
    ♦ Marketing
    ♦ Marketing
    ♦ Operations
    ♦ Organization Development
    ♦ Production Management
    ♦ Purchasing
    ♦ Quality Assurance
    ♦ Research & Development
    ♦ Sales
    ♦ Services
    ♦ Shipping
    ♦ Union

Awards won by our clients

  • ♦ Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame – AT&T
  • ♦ Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame – Cognos (IBM), Boston
  • ♦ Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame – Datacraft, Singapore
  • ♦ Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame – Skandia Insurance, Stockholm
  • ♦ Canada Awards for Excellence – City of Kingston
  • ♦ Canada Awards for Excellence – Region of Peel
  • ♦ Canadian Department of National Defence – DM and CDS Innovation Award
  • ♦ Dakota County Award of Government Excellence
  • ♦ British Department of Defence – DMSMS Team Achievement Award (Navy)
  • ♦ Ethiopian Airlines – Technology in Government in Africa
  • ♦ Association for Finnish Work Awards – Software
  • ♦ Ecuador Premier Agency Business Gold Award
  • ♦ Boeing Performance Excellence Award
  • ♦ State Farm Employee Recognition – Innovation in Performance Management
  • ♦ Excellence in Value for Technology and Services—Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • ♦ Demonstration of Energy Efficient Developments (DEED) Award – Chelan PUB