Performance Measurement

Deep experience

We have been Thought Leaders and practitioners in this space since the mid 80’s.  Every book that Drs’ Kaplan & Norton have written on the Balanced Scorecard use our clients as world-class examples – in fact they have even awarded four of our clients their prestigious “Hall of Fame” award.  We have been involved with the design and development of the five most popular scorecard applications, presented at over 300 seminars and conferences, have over 3,000 scorecards to our credit.  In the past we have been the CPA Competency Leader for Performance Measurement and for Performance Management.  We are the most popular You Tube channel for the Balanced Scorecard.

Packaged Services

We have several packaged service offerings:

Scorecard Refresh

This 5-phase workshop will help your team identify and close the gaps between your current scorecard/dashboards and this year’s strategy, priorities, performance indicators, responsibilities and governance processes.

Rapid Scorecard

This 5-phase workshop will help your team build their scorecard by capturing your strategy, finding your objectives and key results (OKRs), building in the employee engagement elements – and turning it on!


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