Risk Scorecard

Many risks are undervalued

Your biggest risks can only become visible when you align them to your strategy

Manage Risk

While considering strategy

Risk eats strategy for breakfast… but all risks are the offspring of strategy. More simply, every strategic decision creates both new risks and reduces other risks.  Without seeing your strategy and/or risks in near real-time, you are flying blind as you make your day-to-day decisions.

The Pm2 Risk scorecard captures your strategy and assesses your risks so that they can be seen in strategic priority.  Now add Key Risk Indicators, and you have a Risk Scorecard.

Refined Methodology

For maximum benefit

The American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA) asked us to create this methodology so that CFOs could see risks in real-time, and finally run meetings that covered both risk & reward at the same time!

Our methodology has been licenced by international CPA organizations and implemented in both private and public sector organizations of all sizes and complexity.

We deliver our risk scorecard services in exciting workshops that both train your team and builds your first risk scorecard.