Strategic Process Improvement

Improve what needs to improved – and leave the rest

Process improvement only generates better performance if it focuses on the right place, issues and constraint – with the right tools

Adding Strategic Priorities

Changing how we improve performance

The Business Section of book stores is clogged-up with “process improvement” books, displayed like candy at the candy store. Clever names, great visuals, and wonderful case-examples, yet the real world never seems to see those improvements. Why is that? We think it's because these tools are too complicated, focused on unique organizations like Google, Apple or Southwest Airlines, and carefully crafted so that you have to hire the authors to make the methodology work! We don't think that's how “Best practices” should work.

Building Better Improvements

You already have the building blocks

What if we used our strategy to find the specific ‘nodes’ where improved processes will generate improved performance? What if we used simple, pragmatic tools to surgically address the specific needs? What if we tracked the changes to verify that we made a difference, and we don’t revert back to our ‘old ways’... Way too simple, right?

The reason our process improvements work – and continue long after we are gone, is because we use strategic priorities to focus on what matters, we simplify the tools you have read about, and we use your experience, skills, and data. We then integrate all the pieces to make a holistic solution, and most importantly, we transfer the skills into your organization. Like a tailor, we will work with your team to create the right solution for your organization, and then collaborate with you to make it work.