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Want to measure your sustainability?

The pm² Sustainability Scorecard guides your organization to the end goal of true sustainability

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Make The Invisible Visible

It's clear that how we currently look at organizations is ruining the world. Financial tools encourage depleting natural resources and taking advantage of disadvantaged parts of our local and international society (with low wage rates).

What if we could make the invisible, visible… help everyone see our organization’s impact on society, the environment, and economics. The triple bottom line.

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Working with The Natural Step (TNS), we developed this science-based sustainability scorecard. We combine 35 years of best-practices in sustainability with 35 years of best-practices in performance measurement to create a near-real-time view of your organizations total impact.

Since developing the TNS-Sustainability Scorecard, we have expanded it to cover the UN-SDGs, GRI, B-Corp, etc. This methodology has been implemented in private and public sector organizations of all sizes and complexity.

We deliver our sustainability scorecard services in exciting workshops that both train your team and builds your first sustainability scorecard.