The Future-Fit Business Benchmark – Using science to measure sustainability

The Benchmark

Although the Sustainability Scorecard can enable any of the common frameworks, we always crosscheck against the Future-Fit Business Benchmark.

The Benchmark identifies the extra-financial break-even point for business, expressed as a unified set of social and environmental goals. Each goal is complemented by indicators designed to support effective monitoring of progress. By clearly identifying how specific project- and product-based innovations can contribute to society’s future-fitness, the Benchmark helps companies translate well-meaning intentions into meaningful, measurable impact in and beyond their value chains. (from

Engage non-experts
Each goal is a single sentence, and progress can be expressed in visual terms. This straightforward framing makes it easier to discuss complex issues with non-experts.
Identify blind spots
If a goal feels like a real stretch that’s ok: no one expects transformation overnight. But if a goal seems ‘impossible’ your business model may have a blind spot that needs attention.
Prioritize actions
Which goals are most relevant to your own resilience and the wellbeing of your stakeholders? Exploring these questions can make it much easier to prioritize effectively.

Sustainable Businesses

Sustainability is more than sustaining our environment – it is also about supporting the needs of society… all the while maintaining a thriving business. A sustaining business is a business “that in no way undermines – and ideally increases – the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever.”
Taken from the Future-Fit Business Benchmark

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark in a Nutshell from Future-Fit Business.


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