Corporate Sustainability Scorecard

The Corporate Sustainability Scorecard is a scorecard designed to aid companies in setting and attaining their goals with respect to the Future-Fit™ Business Benchmark – A scorecard to goal-set and track the progress your business is making to address societal challenges in ways that increase the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever.

Corporate Scorecard

The corporate scorecard involves gathering company data to determine what areas company can currently measure against the 21 Future-Fit Business Goals. When there are missing measures, new measures will be used with an associated signal strength until the proper data can be collected.

Initiative Alignment

The next step is to perform a gap assessment and create gap-closing initiatives. The gap assessment indicates which Future-Fit goals and perspectives need initiatives to help a company improve. The gap closing initiatives are also scored to determine which create the most value to a company.

Operational Scorecard

The operational scorecard cascades accountability throughout the organization. On-going Future-Fit performance measurement is cascaded down to the department, team, and individual level to ensure everyone is involved in the goal of becoming a sustainable company.

Management Practices

The most difficult part of a sustainability strategy is executing efficient and productive management practices. Establishing sustainable management practices helps to continuously become a better Future-Fit Business.

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