We make

people succeed

Employees thrive with OKRs – they are more engaged, aligned and high-performing. On average our clients enjoy a 35% improvement in engagement and 20% performance gain.

Strategy succeed

OKRs solve the execution problem – they increase the level of alignment and execution of your strategy. On average our clients are four times as likely to score their strategy execution as “well above average”

performance improve

OKRs align business units, departments, teams and individuals towards their goals, reducing waste and increase productivity. Our average client enjoys a 20% performance boost.

We are a boutique consulting firm that enables huge performance improvements for our clients using OKRs.

Performance Increase


As measured by output/person, throughput, effort/unit.

Increased Employee Engagement


As measured by employee survey, pulse survey, retention rates, turnover rates.

Increase in Customer Satisfaction


As measured by NPS, Customer Survey, repeat business, share of wallet.

Results reported to us by our clients. Your benefits may be different.

We are happy to chat with you

The only thing we enjoy more than chatting with organizations about their OKR journeys is helping organizations achieve success through OKRs.

Building OKRs

Over 3,500 clients and 30 years, we have developed a proven methodology that quickly develops your OKRs, building organizational capabilities and ownership.

Managing with OKRs

We help you combine great OKRs with better management practices for order-of-magnitude performance improvements.

OKR Coaching

Our training and coaching focus on the five unique capabilities that managers need to be effective in the use of OKRs to engage employees and drive better results.

Cascading OKRs

We help you to accurately cascade the strategy down and across the organization covering both the tip of the iceberg and the important activities below the water level.

Strategic Planning

Great OKRs require a clear and prioritized strategy. We use a combination of modern strategy tools to quickly surface and communicate your strategy.

OKR Audit & Assess

Many organizations come to us having already developed and even implemented OKRs and are looking for outside assessment and recommendations. We do that too.

Standard proposals available on request
Our clients have won multiple awards for their OKRs and industry-leading performance.

Thought Leadership

We did not read the book – we wrote it. Our thought leadership and client successes have been profiled in business periodicals, text books, magazines, university course and even Ph.D thesis. Our methodologies have been licensed by CPA (Certified Professional Accountants) and software vendors.


Common Questions

Just in case you have some questions before we talk, here are some of the common questions we hear…

Can’t find your answer?
Give us a call or drop us an email – we are always happy to chat!

Common questions

How can we start working with you?

Easy. Just use this link to book a call with Brett. Every situation is different, but they always start with a quick chat to understand your needs, starting point, capabilities, timing, etc.

Where are you located?

We are a global company – we have consultants around the world, and have supported clients on all but one continent. We are as close as your nearest parking lot, airport or web browser.

How much does your support cost?

Typically our clients see a one-month ROI on our OKR work! The cost of your OKR project depends on your starting point, scope, organization size, etc. Over a 60 minute call we can complete an assessment and give you a firm price estimate.  

We prefer to work on a fix-fee basis – removing your risk of cost overruns and a never-ending project!

When can you start?

We can usually start within a few days – normally it takes the organization longer to get its schedules aligned than for us to provide a team.

Do you work with my OKR software vendor?

Yes. We have implemented all the popular OKR tools as well as home-made solutions and non-OKR tools, such as Monday.com. If we come across a new vendor, we train our team at our cost to provide you the support you need.

Who will work on my OKR project?

Your choice.  We have a selection of deeply experienced ex-executives from a selection of industries and a wide range of personalities. We can help you choose the best fit for you and your organization.

“We had struggled for six months with our OKRs, but within two weeks the pm2 team had us managing our business with powerful OKRs.“
Derek johnson – manufacturing
“Our team learned more about our business in a week than they learned over the previous five years. And we also got great OKRs!”
Jasmin shing – logistics
“We saw an immediate increase in performance and had a positive ROI before our first quarterly OKR review.”
Cody Chang – service
OKR – OKRs stand for “Objectives and Key Results. ”OKRs have become the modern way of managing businesses that create an agile management capability that deals with the realities of todays’ working world. OKRs are how organizations track progress, create alignment, and build engagement.