Benefits from the Sustainability OKRs

Sustainability OKRs make sustainability everybody's everyday job.

Sustainability OKRs make sustainability everybody's everyday job. By providing monthly reporting against your strategies in business, the environment, and within society, all stakeholders are given on-going performance updates in the context of their choice.

Why set sustainability (A.K.A. ESG, SDG, etc.)your sustainability efforts*?

  • Employee Engagement: By allowing every team and employee to see their contribution to sustainability on an on-going basis, you'll enjoy improved employee recruitment (especially the Millennials), retention, and productivity; you'll also be seen as an employer of choice.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Showing your customers the great gains you are making towards sustainability increases customer attraction, engagement, and advocacy; it will also provide access to new markets.
  • Brand and Reputation: By promoting your sustainability efforts you will build a positive brand and reputation with key stakeholders and become a partner of choice.
  • Cost Savings: Because the sustainability scorecard enables moment-to-moment sustainability decisions, you are likely to see lower costs from reduced materials, water, energy use and waste management.
  • Government Relations: Your sustainability scorecard will help you anticipate, prepare for and influence government regulations and standards.
  • Supply and Resource Security: The on-going measurement of your suppliers will improve supply-chain security and maintain access to scarce resources. Ultimately you'll probably better manage price volatility.
  • Innovation: The on-going focus that the Sustainability Scorecard provides has been proven to foster innovation and develop new products and services.
  • Risk Management: The on-going monitoring of sustainability-related risks will decrease strategic and operational risks while enhancing business continuity.
  • Capital Access: You'll be able to tell a clearer and more compelling story to green funds and increase the availability of capital.
  • Strategic Success: Since the Sustainability Scorecard covers the triple bottom line, not only will your performance improve, but you'll also improve the operating context of the business; create external conditions for future success.
  • Competitive Advantage: The on-going reporting against your strategic context enables better agility, building competitive and first-mover advantages.
  • Social License: Your sustainability communications will strengthen stakeholder relations and social license to operate and grow.
  • Works with all the existing frameworks: When we build your Sustainability Scorecard we do so with the cross-referencing each metric to the various frameworks of your choice (UN-SDG, GRI, <IR>, Future-Fit, B-Corp, SASB, etc) . This ensures that all stakeholders, and new-comers, can see your sustainability performance through the framework of their choice.

The sustainability scorecard incorporates the Future-Fit Business Benchmarks. This generates these additional benefits:

  • Anti-Greenwash: Because all 21 Business Goals are mandatory (they must be reported against, even if zero-weighted), we can avoid organizations cherry-picking sustainability measure in areas that make them look good!
  • Provides International Consistency: The underlying Future-Fit Business Benchmark ensures a similar measurement from all locations.
  • True comparability between organizations: The framework that we base the Sustainability Scorecard on is the Future-Fit Business Benchmark© , supported by the NFP Future-Fit Foundation, that ensures consistency across businesses to establish a true benchmark for organizations to use.
  • Supports ROI calculations: Because it is science-based, the Sustainability Scorecard, through the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, enables calculations of the ROI on Sustainability.


Because your ultimate Future-Fit goal is set first, and current activities are set by back-casting (as opposed to forecasting), it is guaranteed that as you move toward your Future-Fit goal, by definition, you are certain to be bringing forth a better future.

To learn more about the sustainability scorecard, click here. To learn more about Sustainability Focused Organizations, click here. To see our full 25 Sustainability Scorecards, click here for our playlist.

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