Business's Sustainability Scorecard

We are doing a "soft launch" of our new Sustainability Scorecard.

We are doing a "soft launch" of our new Sustainability Scorecard. We are looking for a few companies to pilot this new and innovative approach to set targets, measure, monitor and report business sustainability. (A video of business sustainability can be seen by clicking here)

This scorecard is based on 30 years of sustainability science* to create a simple tool that monitors business's on-going progress towards true sustainability. This science allows us to use quantitative indicators, and therefore:

•Is a precise decision making, monitoring and reporting tool,

•Gives a reliable view to all stakeholders,

•Builds employee engagement,

•True comparability between businesses,

•Supports ROI calculations,

•Works with all existing frameworks (UN-SDG, B-Corp, IR, SASB, ISO 260006, etc.),

•Provides International consistency,

•Guarantees achievement is connected to bringing forth a flourishing future, and


We use a quick six-step process to build the scorecard, based on our knowledge of indicators from the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, B-Corp, SASB, industry best practices, and built with your available data/indicators

You can review a video on our award-winning methodology by clicking here.

If you are interested in participating in this pilot project, please call me at 1-416-766-7684 or email me at

NOTE: Much of the underlying science we have built on was pioneered 30 years ago by The Natural Step , ( and which has recently formed the foundation for the Future-Fit Business Benchmark (, an open source tool that defines the ecological and social ‘break-even point’ for business.

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