The 5-Steps to Replace PowerPoint in Performance Meetings

Using PowerPoint in your Performance Meeting is like driving through the rear view mirror......but all you can see is outdated still photos!

Using PowerPoint in your Performance Meeting is like driving through the rear view mirror...

...but all you can see is outdated still photos!

Those charts in your monthly meeting? They were made a week ago based on last month's data. Are you kidding? How can you run a business like that?

The speed of business is ever increasing...

As an interesting side note - that 10 minute loss of business in 2009 would have represented 10% of the ANNUAL radio sales in 1920. 10 minutes = 1.5 months back when your current reporting processes were created.

What does Management want from their reporting system? Survey says...

This came as a revolution to me...Having started in the "new" reporting business with the Balanced Scorecard with Drs. Kaplan and Norton in the late '80's. Back then it was a fight to get accurate data quarterly. A decade later we had won the long battle to get monthly data that was both financial and non-financial. Leading and Lagging.

Now we expect any measure we want in real-time. And, on the most part, we can get it!

So now their is one skeleton left in the cupboard form the 80's... the idea that every business is so unique that every scorecard had to be customer designed and built. We have been combing through our over than 3,000 clients and looked for the pattern.... And it was there! We identified 13 performance categories that seem to go across all industries and functions.

So now what do we have? Near-real time data, leading and lagging, financial and non-financial... and cloud based technology to enable it for any organization, anywhere.

And what does it offer you?

It turns out creating your RTS Dashboard is not that have all the building blocks already, and we have the blue-prints:

Next Steps

We will be writing a number of postings on the RTS dashboard (Real-Time Strategy) revealing elements of the framework and client stories, for those who can wait. For those who cannot wait and want to create the new norm, we are bringing the RTS Dashboard to early adopter organizations. If you want help create the new reporting standard, just let us know.

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